You people don't suck anymore.

Maybe it’s just me, but has anyone else noticed that no one seems to be watching the ExG blog recently?


Damn. Okay, only rhetorical questions from now on.

I’m concerned by the apparent lack of interest in our little artist-collaborative schtick going on here, which is especially problematic because Andrew and Ethan are gearing up and looking for people who don’t mind working long hours for no money for a new film project.

I think part of the lack of participation of late is the fact that the only updates for the past weeks have been to the Exploding Shorts site – which, in the interest of keeping you reading this (is anyone reading this?) I have purposefully neglected from conveniently hyperlinking – but you should also take into account that I don’t frequent the forums so that may have something to do with it.

But that’s beside the point. Yes, I know. I started a sentence with ‘but’. Blame my editor.

The gist, meat, and purpose of this post is to get you to take a greater interest in our little community. Logging on to the site will take only a few minutes. You can write comments and posts on pithy film-related topics, taking an active part in the literary experience that I’m sure Andrew had in mind when he bought the domain. If you’re interested in a more active role, you can even join our community outreach programs, and even adopt an inner-city black kid and teach him the joys of cinema. Conversely, if you’d like to help, but don’t have the time, you can donate to the WorldVision organization.
Or you can just write me a check.

16 thoughts on “You people don't suck anymore.

  1. Very true, Evan. We do need to get more involved. However, the old saying “If you build it, they will come” isn’t really true in the world of billions of web pages, so you can’t really expect people to be involved in something uninteresting. It’s up to all of us to fix that. Maybe I’ll start this ho-down off….

  2. You’re part of the problem, too, Andrew. You keep referring to this page as YOUR site, and…well, I suppose you do own the domain, and pay most of the fees, and censor us freely, but When was the last time you posted for some reason other than whoring a new short film on ExShorts? March 9th?

    And the last post you wrote that wasn’t whoring a film of ANY length, or its related merchandise, was March 7th!

    That’s a difference of two days! TWO WHOLE DAYS!

    …I’m sorry, everyone. I just want us to go back to the way we were. I want us to go back to the way we were so much.

  3. Eh, quit your bitchin’ Evan, it isn’t that serious of a problem. I doubt there is much breaking news concerning anything but the Shorts at this point. Wholesale has pretty much cooled, Terminal is in a not-so-exciting development stage, and other things need more time before debuting exciting news.

  4. I can’t tell if you’re half or part or wholly serious, Evan. The way we were wasn’t particularly interesting. What needs to happen is for this site to become a more collaborative community, not just the second site you always visit when you log on, ya know?

  5. “When was the last time you posted for some reason other than whoring a new short film on ExShorts? March 9th?

    And the last post you wrote that wasn’t whoring a film of ANY length, or its related merchandise, was March 7th!”

    Pardon me if I miss your point. If you don’t want to watch or hear about the films I’m making, why are you reading this blog?

    As for being collaborative, I would like to stress again that I really love it when other people post articles or their own work on this site, and would like to see more of that. The ball’s in your court, and if you want to be given permission to post blog entries, just drop me a line.

    And Evan, stop trying to instigate revolution. I mean, do you honestly think I have the time and energy to cater to your personal whim as a single reader (and would-be contributor, if only you would just get off your ass and do something productive)? If you don’t like something about the site, be proactive about it instead of bringing your complaints to me.

  6. I like the site. I feel it mostly serves its purpose, because it seems to me that Andrew started this site to tell people about his movies. Not to show everybody how witty Evan is – although that is an added benefit. I think the readers of the site make it do how little or much they want. I’m content getting random updates, seeing random shorts, and reading random rants, and contributing occasionally. But not really that often. Or hardly ever. But if you guys want more, then… do it. There’s not much stopping you.

    But the purpose of the site? It’s Andrew’s website, it really is, and it’s getting word out about his projects. Isn’t that why the header is Exploding Goldfish Films, rather than “Andrew Gingerich and Co. Offer their opinions on many matters relating to film and much fun is had by all.” This site is Exploding Goldfish Films’ official website. That is its purpose.

  7. I’m sorry you have a problem with humor so subtle, even Emo Phillips doesn’t get it. My post, from which you generously reprinted and made us all read again, was made with an understated farcical tone.

    If this is how you react to ebullient jests, remind me never to compliment you.

    As for inciting revolution, I have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about. Although, given your recent conduct managing my contributions, perhaps you’ll want to censor my subsequent language so that the Mennonites won’t be offended.

    fuck fuck damn fuck hell hell jesus christ in heaven damn rama rama shit hell damn.

    I’m not contesting that Andrew owns this website. I was responding to Greg’s comment about being an actual artist collaborative, rather than a support group for your ego. When I was talking about a collaborative, I was referring to the films, not the site, because you can direct all the fuck you want, but we make contributions to the work which often go uncited; and as for asking me why I read the blog, I find your comment a little insensitive and unconsidered because of the support I’ve rendered you in (y)our productions. You’ve been using me as a guinea pig for your film projects since sophomore year, even openly referring to me as such (speaking of which, when was the last time you updated the podcast?) and you have the gall to question my intentions? If you want people to pamper you, you’ll just have to rely on the rest of your entourage to do that, because I have no intention of being unduly harassed by someone who features me as a liability to his success.

  8. Is Evan serious? I honestly can’t tell. If not, I guess it’s kinda amusing. If so, I’m rather shocked. I don’t think Andrew has attacked anyone, and the phrase “support group for your ego” is really really insulting. I don’t know. Just my opinion.

    And Evan, out of respect for any readers who may or may not visit this site, please refrain from unnecessary cursing. All it does is make you look insensitive and vulgar, which reflects back on this site.

  9. You seem to have some big conflict with Andrew and his fairly infrequent (and deserved) cencorship, that I don’t understand. If you want to whine about him, this isn’t a great place to do it, either. While it is fairly loose, there is some sense of professionalism. The forum, if you must, might be a better place. However, even there I really don’t understand the need for something like this.

    Being impatient doesn’t hurry anything along.

  10. All right!

    Fourteen comments in three days! All of you have really outdone yourselves! I hereby repeal my declaration that you all suck, and as soon as I get off a school computer, I will edit the title of this post!

    Keep up the good work!

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