Gasp and horror! Our unusual hero Exploding Goldfish Films Shorty has stumbled into the depths of mobocracy horror groupthink!

Short story long: Accosted by malevolent trolls and brought before Lord Smitherington at the behest of the Viscount Bayning of Sudbury, Exploding Goldfish Films Shorty made a valiant speech and, spitting on the voluminous robes of the Viscount, orated thusly to his enthralled audience:

“Fuck you, you goddamn old-timey fairies!”

Very much taken aback by the captive’s ungentlemanly demeanor and unbecoming attire, the good Lord ordered Exploding Goldfish Films Shorty to be imprisoned in Fiddlesworth Tower until such time as he was deemed adequately presentable for an audience with the Queen. Responded our unusual hero, “Aw, bollocks!” For this he was beaten severely, and then swiftly confined to his new accommodations before he might find opportunity to cause further consternation.

Left to his own devices for an indeterminate duration in a small, dank cell in Fiddlesworth Tower, Exploding Goldfish Films Shorty was forced to discourse with the greater population through the only means available to him; namely, YouTube.

Long story short: I’ve had a youtube account for some time, but I’ve now finally decided that it’s time to start actually using it to showcase work from Exploding Goldfish Films. There’s no exclusive content going up on YouTube for the time being, but it is a handy little aggregation of all the videos posted here and on Exploding Shorts. Go to to check it out.

A much-recommended YouTube tip: The major reason I’ve held out so long against YouTube is the horrendous quality of the video on the site. But there is now a way around that. It’s not very slick and the quality still isn’t great, but it’s a major improvement. Here’s what you do: Whenever you go to a video page on YouTube, add this little snippet:


…to the end of the URL. This will load the video as a larger file so it’ll take more time to download, but it’s also of a significantly higher quality.

That is all. More Exploding Shorts coming soon.

5 thoughts on “YouTubery

  1. No. Yes.

    Who are you again?

    Have a bagel.

    I can’t, I’m racist.





    So how’s that working for you?

    Pay’s good with benefits, so pretty well!.

    Really? Man… I want to be a racist too.

    You can, my son. You can.

    Don’t touch me.

  2. I’ll touch whoever the damn well I feel like touching.

    So I see you’re still eating your bagel.


    So you’re not racist?

    No, I think I am.

    Then you can’t be eating a bagel.

    Yes I can. I’m racist against non-bagels.

    You can’t be racist against non-bagels.

    Yes I can.

    Then I want a bagel.

    You can’t, you’re racist.

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