OPEN CASTING CALL: Untitled Search For God

The second round of auditions for Untitled Search for God will be taking place in the Poudre High School auditorium from 3:30 to 7:00 P.M. on Tuesday, May 29 and Wednesday, May 30.

Auditions will consist of some cold reading and a short interview. Please bring a head shot and résumé if you have such available. Untitled Search for God is a story of confused paranoia. John, a victim of unusual circumstances, suspects his girlfriend, Fran, of murder, however she claims to only kill vampires. John’s friend Richy is on the run from the mob, and they’re all being chased by an anthropomorphized dog, following orders from a disembodied voice in the woods. From the brilliant script by Ethan Holbrook, this film is an unconventional love story, a theological treatise, a quiet drama and an explosive action film all rolled into one.

These are the major characters we are casting (actors are needed on a volunteer basis and will be working for screen credit and a DVD of the finished product):

John: Weak male lead. 20’s, just wants a quiet, normal life. Tends to be rather alarmist and gets tremendously upset over little things like finding a severed head on the kitchen table.

Fran: Strong female lead. 20’s, met John a few days before the point where the film takes up, and thinks she might be falling in love with him. She also kills and dismembers people with a big knife–or they might be vampires. She’s either a psychotic murderer, or she’s the only one who’s sane. Depends on how you look at it.

Richy: Shady accountant for the mob, and John’s friend. He is an incredibly timid, fearful individual, and now the mob knows that he was embezzling and is coming to kill him.

Antony: Mob boss. Quiet, vengeful, dangerous. He would like very much to kill Richy, but first he has to find him.

Those are the key roles. There are also several other smaller speaking roles that we are looking to fill:

Gus and Reggie: Antony’s goons. Faithful, and more sensitive than they might at first appear.

Elder John: Not related to the John mentioned above. Just an older gentleman who suffers repeated and inexplicable break-ins in which nothing is stolen and in one case, the culprit makes him breakfast.

Thomas: Where Antony goes when he needs answers. Thomas is an unusual man who lives in his garage and can find anyone given just a standard-issue phone book.

Actors who are cast will need to come to set well-rehearsed, as our shooting schedule is extremely tight (June 18-July 7). Still our sets are relaxed and usually a lot of fun. All are welcome on either day, so please stop by and give it a whirl!

Sweet Land showing at the lyric starting TODAY!

Sweet LandHey! Remember how last winter I went and watched a period piece called Sweet Land (directed by MCAD film prof Ali Selim) and then raved to all of you about how great it was, and then it won best first feature at the Independent Spirit Awards?

The movie that closed in Colorado months ago but still isn’t available on DVD? Do you remember?

Well, the wonderful fantastic people at the wonderful fantastic Lyric Cinema Café have picked it up! That’s right, you don’t even have to leave town to see this movie! It runs from May 25 to Thursday, May 31. Two evening showings a day, plus a third afternoon showing on weekends.


I’ll be going to the 8:30 showing tonight (the 26th). Anyone want to go with me? Drop me a line.

Free to good home: un-destroyed stunt chair

Free to good home: one garish, retro chair (safely seats one)

un-destroyed stunt chair

This chair was purchased with the intent of smashing it to bits on camera for a scene in Wholesale Souls, Inc., but was never destroyed (although its twin was):

destroyed chair

The scene was later cut from the film, but I believe a clip is viewable on the DVD.

The chair is padded but uncomfortable for long stretches of editing (and I should know); it appears to be upholstered with alternating strips of eye-hurtey orange and mustard yellow dryer lint. The frame is solid oak and VERY sturdy (this is why we only smashed one of the two chairs).

Own a piece of cinema history! Local pickup only.

Welcome, Articulate City-goers!

A warm welcome to anyone visiting this site after Monday’s Articulate City screening of The Princess Bride at the Lyric Cinema Café. Have fun, take a look around, and enjoy taking a look at what it is we do.

For a bunch of our short films, check out

Click here to download our first feature film, Wholesale Souls, Inc., in its entirety (careful—big file!)

We’re finishing one film and starting another this summer. Stay tuned for updates.

This was my first time at the Lyric and I’d just like to say that it’s a great space and everybody should go there to enjoy good cinema as often as you can. It was also my first time seeing The Princess Bride, and I was thoroughly amused. And it was really great to be able to see an older film like that projected from a 35mm release print, rather than a pixel-y little DVD image.

I certainly enjoyed myself and got to meet some very interesting people. I sincerely hope a good time was had by all.

Articulate City art party at the Lyric!

Hello, all. I’m in our nation’s capital (I’ll give you a hint: it’s not Des Moines), but really what I’m posting about is an event going on at the Lyric Cinema Café (300 E. Mountain Avenue) next week, Sunday the 20th and Monday the 21st:

Articulate City has organized a cinema celebration including a screening of The Princess Bride (which I have never seen), and has extended it to two days due to popular demand. Yours truly will be attending the Monday evening showing as the token filmmaker, and I’ll be handing out free DVDs including a bunch of short films (including several new ones which have never before been publicly available). Unfortunately, since I’ll be in DC, I won’t be at the Sunday event.

I should point out to all you losers who don’t yet have tickets that the Monday evening event is all sold out and so you won’t be able to see my shining (glowing… radioactive…) face or get a free DVD. Sucks for you. But if you act now you can still get into the Sunday event, talk about movies with interesting people, and watch what (hear tell) is a fantastic film, projected from a real 35mm print rather than a lousy little DVD.

Act now, as tickets are going fast! As an added bonus, this is apparently a “bring a friend for free” sort of deal. Sweet! Check for more details.

Back in Colorado

I am now back in Colorado. If you know my phone number, give me a call!

End of semester

Take the following photographic evidence into consideration.

Before the end of semester:
Andrew editing

After the end of semester:
Andrew done at MCAD for the year

That just about sums it up. In the immortal words of Ronald Reagan, “I feel like I’ve just crapped a pineapple.” In deference to Freud I should point out that this is not an entirely unrewarding process, but it is quite time consuming and extremely painful.

Anyway, I’ll be heading out tomorrow and getting into Colorado on Thursday. And then it’s onward with Terminal Philosophy and our Next Big Feature!



Our first props search was a success. I’m also going to use this as a time to introduce some of our production team:


Ethan Holbrook: Writer/Executive Director

Our Esteemed Production Manager: Parker Cagle-Smith


Props Mistress: Ruth Poliakon

Digg dugg to death by angry Diggers over DRM Debacle

A little news item here that I think is quite exciting and will hopefully open up a dialog on digital rights management:

Yesterday represented a tipping point in the whole issue of DRM and copy protection: Digg was overrun by angry users, over the censorship of a 16-digit hex code that cracks AACS HD-DVD copy protection.
Read the Wired stories linked to above for all the nitty gritty, but what is of particular interest is that Digg has now listened to its users and, against legal advice and in defiance of a cease and desist notice served to them last month, is no longer censoring posts containing the code. I’ll be interested to see if the AACS licensors pursue legal action, and whether Digg will hold firm in its promise (using phrases like “If we lose, then what the hell, at least we died trying,” they certainly seem to be steadfast).

Here’s the thing: according to the EFF, what Digg is doing is without a doubt illegal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This is a can of worms that will finally be opened. We are on the event horizon now of a battle that’s been brewing for years and will dictate exactly what rights consumers have when it comes to the dissemination of intellectual property.

Just to be unequivocal on our stance here at ExG Films, here follows an official statement on the 09 F9 affair:

Exploding Goldfish Films is opposed to digital rights management, copy protection, and any other form of anti-user technology developed and disseminated with the intent of extorting end users. Such technology is monopolistic and illegal. As well, any supporting legislation (namely the Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is equally illegal and has been written and enforced in bad faith.

We are also unequivocally opposed to piracy when it is financially detrimental to the content producer, but this is not an issue of piracy. This is an issue of free speech, and an issue of fair use. ‘Fair use’ are two words which must never be forgotten in this struggle. Should the MPAA and its various DRM licensing agencies have their way, you would have to buy multiple licenses of a film in order to play it on your computer, your DVD player, and your iPod. This is patently absurd. When you buy a DVD, as is the case when you buy a piece of software, what you are actually purchasing is not only the physical media on which the film is stored, but license to use that film privately as you see fit.

Exploding Goldfish Films will never produce content infected with DRM. Exploding Goldfish Films will continue to be outspoken against the DMCA, DRM, AACS, the legal abuses of the MPAA and RIAA, and other evil acronyms. Exploding Goldfish Films applauds Digg’s stance on censorship, and should the 09 F9 affair result in legal action, Exploding Goldfish Films expects you all to write feisty letters to your newspapers and congresspersons. Exploding Goldfish Films will even pay for the stamps.

So sayeth the inconsequential filmmaker.

Call For Auditions!

On Wednesday, May 9th, we will be holding the first auditioning session for Untitled Search for God. It will take place from 3:30 to 7:00 PM in the Poudre High School Event Center. Poudre High School is on 201 Impala Drive. For directions, or any other questions, please contact Parker or me.





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