In Wyoming for USFG

Wyoming crew

Hey everyone! I’m in Wyoming for two days to shoot for Untitled Search for God, and we just shot thirty-two pages on one day! That is, in the words of people more experienced than I, “impossible.”

I’m out in the middle of nowhere, and guess what? Wireless internet!

More information forthcoming, as we have a very busy schedule tomorrow. For the time being, enjoy the two photos attached to this post.


USFG production soldiers on

Well, it’s been an incredible few days. Shooting on Untitled Search for God started on Tuesday and I literally have not had time to write anything about it for the blog. We’ve got tomorrow morning off, so I have a little time to write something. Apologies all around if it doesn’t make much sense.

We started off on our first day with a location shoot at the top of Bingham Hill. It was there that we learned the true meaning of the phrase, “Holy crap, that’s a lot of wind.” but on the plus side, things went well and we wrapped at about the right time, and although the takes all pretty much sounded like crap, they looked quite nice. And I got an enormous sunburn on my neck, which is only now starting to heal.

Day two took us to the location for John’s house: a trailer just outside of LaPorte, owned by some truly wonderful and tolerant people. This day was kind of a nightmare, because we were shooting day-for-night and so had to black out all the windows with trash bags and it wound up taking us all day.

Yesterday and today we shot in the same location, but went a lot smoother. People all did their jobs admirably and we wound up shooting 17 pages of the script yesterday, and today we even managed to wrap on time!

There’s lots of stories to tell, and I don’t really have the time or energy to tell them right now, so I’ll tell you what: I’ll be jotting down notes of interesting or funny things that happen on set, and then next month when all this commotion has died down, I’ll go back and start writing them up and posting them. Remind me later to tell you the one about the vampire shit. And of course the chunky vomit. And my hair.

Shooting continues tomorrow evening, and then each and every one of the ensuing fifteen days. Bleh. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

Partner in film: Rogue and Peasant Films

You may have noticed in the sidebar that we have a new partner-in-film: Rogue and Peasant Films, run by the intimidatingly talented Kathryn Morris, who is also our DP on Untitled Search for God. You should check out her web site:, and her blog at

The story so far (practice shoot)

Alright, when we make things like this they usually don’t wind up available for public viewing, but… why not, just this once?

Yesterday we had a crew production workshop, in order to give our production crew an idea of what sorts of things they’ll be needing to do on set during production. One of the things we did during that gathering was shoot a little practice scene.

And now you can watch that scene. Please go easy. We had no script and only got coverage from three angles. Still, I think you’ll agree that the technical side of the production is rather nice.

In search of USFG locations

Hey everyone! How would you like to be given an associate location manager credit in an upcoming feature film? All you need to do is find us (a) location(s)!

Untitled Search for God starts principal photography on the 18th of this month and we’re still scrambling to find all the locations we need. I would really appreciate it if all of you out there could read through the following location descriptions and let me know if you or someone you know is in a position to grant us access to any of these locations. The locations we currently could use the most help locating are: The church, the gas station, the motel/motel lobby, and the gun store. Here are all the locations we are currently lacking:

A large-ish, all-purpose room with very few windows, which can be easily darkened.

John’s kitchen, conjoins with John’s living room – all of INT. John’s house must be in one location

John’s living room, conjoins with John’s kitchen, bedroom, bathroom

John’s driveway/ext. John’s house – ISOLATED, out in the middle of nowhere

John’s bedroom, conjoins with John’s living room

We only need one room here – and somewhere for an answering machine.

Thomas’s garage. Could be anywhere. Don’t think too hard on this one.

Suburban home. INT must have a couple rooms: entry room, a couple rooms off of that; living room with recliner/couch, kitchen. These all need to be a continuous location as we’ll be doing this in a single continuous take.

We need a real gun store.

Looks like a stereotypical cheap motel.

The cheapest motel room we can find.

Can be split into multiple locations. Does not need to be in an actual motel. Needs: Front desk, cafeteria-type area, cafeteria kitchen, hallway with vending machine. Must be able to stage murders at front desk/cafeteria kitchen.

We need a church with wood pews and a big cross. Non-carpeted floors; we need to be able to stage two knife murders and a shooting.

A gas station. Preferably somewhere out in the middle of nowhere.

Thank you in advance for all the help you out there in the blogosphere are sure to provide (and damn you if you don’t!)


USFG pre-production continues unabated

Hello, Andrew here with an update on what’s happening with Untitled Search for God.

We finished up auditions, and despite a slow first day, we were quite impressed with the applicants and now have the movie cast. I’ll be revealing the cast list over the next week as we hear back from our actors and they confirm that they are available.

After our casting session, we had our first big production meeting in which I put on a tie and screamed at everyone. It was fun. After that I went home and ordered up a fancy new (7 foot tall!) tripod and a terabyte of hard drive storage. We’re now in a very good spot, because since we’ve sunk money into the production now, we’re much less likely to just give up and walk away.

On Saturday, Ethan and Parker and I went up to scout a Wyoming location, and I’m very pleased with what we found. We’re planning to shoot a couple days on location up there. For your amusement, here is a photograph of Parker stabbing Ethan:

Parker stabs Ethan

Ethan has delivered to me the third and final full draft of the script, and I am now in the process of creating DRAFT 3.1: THE SHOOTING SCRIPT. (Which, incidentally, would be a great name for a bad action movie.)

In between all these goings-on, I was able to find time to see Inland Empire at the Lyric Cinema CafĂ©, and let me tell you, it was… huh.

Well, it was very…

…I have nothing to say about that movie. That’s not a bad thing, mind you; I just have nothing to say about it. I don’t even feel qualified to do one of those 500-word reviews. And a lot of people won’t like it. But some of you might (you know who you are) and if you are one of those people, you should go see it. And if you aren’t one of those people, you should go see something else at the Lyric, because they’re cool and amazing and awesome and they deserve your hard-earned money. Check their site to see what’s playing.

Back to business. I should be working on the shooting script right now, but I just finished planning the shot list for the first dream scene, and I was so overcome by the sheer awesomeness of it all that I had to take a break. Ethan is scheduling rehearsals for later this week, and Evan, our impromptu crew supervisor, will be setting up some production workshops to help orient our new crew. This is the largest production I’ve ever worked on, and so I’m a bit nervous, but if this works out at all as planned, we’re going to walk away in one month’s time with a really fantastic movie in the can.


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