New trailer!

I haven’t been posting a lot about 16 Heads and Counting recently because we’re in a very boring phase of post-production: the tweaking.

We’re currently on our third cut and getting closer to a locked picture, whatever the hell that means. We’ve got some pickup scenes to shoot in the next few weeks and I’m sure I’ll be posting about those because they’ll actually be fun and interesting, but other than that, the biggest thing we have to do is ADR, or Automatic Dialogue Replacement (or Additional Dialogue Recording, depending on who you ask). Don’t let the name fool you: ADR is not automatic, and also not very pleasant. It involves bringing most of our actors into our cramped “studio” (ha!) to re-record all the audio that didn’t record properly on-set. In our case, this amounts to about half the movie, possibly more. Anyway, we got all of Andy’s ADR done on Monday and we’ve got much more to do.

To stave off the madness that comes from having actors (horrible people, really) come into your house and repeat the same lines over and over and over and over and over until they die (or get a good take, whichever comes first), I cut together a *NEW TRAILER!*

Our old trailer was perfectly serviceable, but nothing special. We needed something with a little oomph. A little jazz. A little blood. So here it is, featuring music by Officer Roseland:

You can watch better-quality, higher-resolution versions on the 16 Heads and Counting web site.

That final scene with the two guys arguing is from a pick-up we shot in Minneapolis, partly to get it out of the way and partly because we wanted to put a couple awesome actors in the movie. You may recognize Parker on the left, and on the right is Landyn Banx. I worked with him a lot for class assignments this semester, and I’ll be showing off a few other things starring him in short order. Also appearing in that scene (although not in the trailer) is Steve Shmalz, who I just realized last night bears a striking resemblance to Kevin Spacey.

ALSO: Ethan is a finalist in the Screenwriters’ Challenge, which means he goes on to write another script for the next round! Anyone who hasn’t already should most certainly go bask in the warm glow that is his entry for the first round: Gary Gets Burned.

"11:32 PM" wins some awards!

Mike Burns in "11:32 PM"

I was informed last night by the Film Racing web site that our entry into the 24-hour film race last month took home not one, but two juried awards!

I want you to take a good look at the picture at the top of this post. That is Mike Burns, and he deserves every little bit of the best leading actor award that he won. He was incredibly dedicated, going so far as to rub raw onion in his eyes between takes to keep the tears coming, and sold his character with true sincerity. Most of us had not met him before 8:00 on the morning of the shoot, but he just walked on set and wowed us all. It was a pleasure directing him.

This is the first time one of my actors has taken home a performance award, and I have to say that it feels really, really good. So good, in fact, that I didn’t notice until just now that there was a best direction award and that we didn’t win that, but I could care less. To paraphrase Robert Altman, I don’t know what a “best director” is. What reflects on the director is the quality of performance and the overall production. And yes, I’m riding on Mike’s coattails for the duration on this one, but it gives me quite a thrill to think that maybe my direction had even a slight impact on this award.

We also took first runner-up for best film, which isn’t quite the same as winning best film but still means a lot, considering that ours was the most depressing film of the entire festival. We couldn’t fall back on a joke to sell the thing. We had to make it really good. And it is. I am in awe of what we accomplished, and I think it is our duty to shop this around to a few more festivals to get it some more exposure.

My thanks to all involved: to Parker, for netting me into doing this and the terrific job he and Matt did lighting and shooting the film, to Ethan, for keeping us all on track and making sure nobody got too carried away, to Ella for grounding us in reality, to Bobby and Mike for tremendous performances, and to the rest of the team for telling Matt and me that we couldn’t do a movie with psychedelic bananas on strings (really).

Watch 11:32 PM on the Film Racing web site
Discuss 11:32 PM in the Film Racing forums

I am in Colorado! For the summer! My nose itches!

Ahh, there. I scratched it. What a relief that was.

Anyway, to the point: I (Andrew) am in Fort Collins (Colorado) for the summer (May-August). Anyone who is surprised by this shocking development in the properties of my geolocation should listen very carefully to the following instructions:

  1. Pick up your phone.
  2. Dial my phone number.
  3. When I answer, scream loudly, then cry, then hang up.
  4. Repeat.

I could use a little entertainment.

By the by: It’s not too late to show your support for our 24-hour film! Vote vote vote vote VOTE!

24-Hour Film needs some help!

So, remember that film we did? No? Well we made a film in 24-hours (again), and it got into the competition’s Top Ten. Now we need your help! To vote for it! Please? You can even watch it first! Promise. Just follow this link:

Ours is: 11:32 PM by Team Broken Shutters. Thanks! Just vote for the best one if you can’t remember which is which. Because ours is the best, you see. Ha.


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