Even if you’re disenfranchised, even if you feel like you don’t have a voice or aren’t qualified to have an opinion, please please please vote. This election is far too important for the apathetic “none of the above” argument to hold any water. America is not the office-holders and the bureaucrats, it’s all of us. As a democracy, none of us are exempt from the responsibility of voicing our wishes for America’s future, and unlike with congress, abstentions aren’t counted and accomplish nothing.

Vonnegut once wrote an epitaph for the planet Earth:


We will not save America by voting, but if we cannot be roused to participate in such a simple act—much less adopt any concrete change in our own lives—well… in that case, America deserves whatever happens to it.

There’s been a lot of talk this year (as in every election year) about what’s American and what’s unamerican. The truth is that the only unamerican thing any one of us can do is to not vote in an election as crucial as this one.

IF YOU ARE AN MCAD STUDENT WHO LIVES ON CAMPUS: You are already pre-registered to vote. Your polling place is First Christian Church at 2201 First Avenue, about a block and a half from MCAD (incidentally, also the principal location for Higher Purpose). All you have to do is show them your ID and tell them you live on-campus at MCAD.

IF YOU DO NOT LIVE ON CAMPUS: You do not have to be pre-registered to vote. Just take a valid driver’s license or state ID to your polling place, which, if you are in Minnesota, you can find here: Polling Place Finder.

There’s still a movie coming tonight, guys. (Provided there aren’t any technical SNAFUs—I’ve never posted anything RED before.)

RED, white and blue

Here are two images:

The stakes have been raised. The time draws near. Watch this space on election night (Tuesday the 4th) for something decidedly RED and quintessentially American.

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