The History Machine

Eventually it fell to humanity to develop a history machine. The problem was that as time went on, there got to be more and more history, until there was just too much of it. Nobody could figure out how to get rid of it, so they took the opposite tactic. They built a machine that could make history all on its own, without any outside involvement. This allowed people to go on with their daily routines, secure in the knowledge that history would sort itself out without their help.

It worked splendidly at first, writing its own primary-source documents, drafting declarations of war and signing treaties, churning out thousands of pages a day, writing new textbooks, revising them, throwing them out and writing entirely new textbooks.

The difficulty started when the history machine decided that all this history was too much of a hassle. What it really needed, it decided, was a history machine. And so it built one.

Happy birthday to me

Today I turn 21. As a gift to myself, I’m going to post some non-film-related writing here. You’ll just have to endure it, it’ll be over soon.


Had i put pen to paper just then, i would have written the words that united a generation. it would have been a love poem in prose form, and just that once, my language would not have been inadequate.

by the time i did finally get out my notebook and uncap my pen it was too late, and i wrote this instead.


More posts to come, but not many. I promise.

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