Think fast, think fast…

The Tracking Transience guy is in the MCAD parking lot right now—if you hurry, you might catch him!

Analog curiosities

Last summer, after wrapping principal photography on Discouraging Words, Vvinni and I (with the help of Evan) shot a bunch of footage on VHS tape about a supremely antisocial übermensch named Plastix Ultimate. Back in August I shared an ad for Skin Removal Cream that Vvinni had cut from the footage. Now, here’s something else:

This ultra-condensed version of the narrative we shot was created for the “Foot in the Door 4” show at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and leaves out a few key plot points, but I think it captures the overall flavor of the piece.

Second, here’s this:

What I really love about this camera (a Panasonic Color TV Camera WV-3320) is the analog smearing—ghost trails and lingering burn-in left by bright highlights traveling across the frame. I realize that I probably only have a limited number of usage hours on this thing before one of the tubes burns out (these are fragile components that have been working for over 30 years, after all), so I have to figure out something really good to do with it. I think maybe I’d like to use it to make a music video.

So if you’re an extraordinarily talented musician and you want me to make a music video for you using this camera, drop me a line.

Culling old notebooks

I recently stumbled upon something I wrote about two years ago. I’m not sure if it’s a short story or a poem, but I like it:

You asked me a question tonight.
You said, “Do you really mean that?”
let me answer that question with another question:
Do you really want to know?

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