Downloaders of the world, unite for good!

You may have heard of The Yes Men. If you haven’t, think of them as superhero media hoaxers, trotting the globe and deceiving the media in an unending crusade for justice.

Back in 2009 The Yes Men made a documentary called The Yes Men Fix the World. They are now being sued by the United States Chamber of Commerce—an anti-environmental, anti-regulatory, anti-government, anti-people corporate lobbying concern—who are seeking to have every copy of the movie impounded and destroyed.

Here’s where you come in.

As a countermeasure, The Yes Men, in cooperation with the fascinating new film distribution outlet Vodo, have released the film for free as a BitTorrent download. Get it here. Download it, watch it, and seed that baby like there’s no tomorrow. If you’ve got some spare cash to chuck their way (I don’t), swing by their store to make a donation.

The Yes Men Fix the World is a deadly-serious film disguised as a fun-loving romp. Watch the movie if you want to see the remarkable story of how The Yes Men fooled the BBC into believing that they were representatives of Dow Chemical, and what that meant for residents of Bhopal, India. Or if you prefer, hold on until the bitter end to see how they tricked mayor Ray Nagin and the governor of Louisiana into welcoming them as representatives of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Somewhere in there is a cameo from Reggie Watts (Google him), and of course their Chamber of Commerce shenanigans.

BitTorrent is not just a way to watch leaked workprints of X-Men, it is an instrument of justice. By seeding this file as much as possible to as many peers as possible, you are helping to ensure that these surreal media crusaders will not be silenced. Won’t you please help?

[if you need a good (free) BitTorrent client, I recommend Transmission (Mac) or µTorrent (Windows)]

Another TV interview

Back in May I was interviewed about Discouraging Words for the cable access show Filmmaker’s Studio. Not my best or most coherent interview, but in my defense I hadn’t slept more than about twenty hours in the week preceding the interview.

Anyway, the show is embedded below:


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