Moviegoers beware [false advertising]

I was at a really cool theater in Denver this evening, the Landmark Esquire. Highly recommended. I went to see a movie called Certified Copy, by Abbas Kiarostami, starring Juliette Binoche. A pretty good movie, and well worth watching if you like Before Sunrise, et. al.

When I came out of the theater, this is what I saw in the lobby, under the exuberant heading “The film that won BEST PICTURE of the year is now the family event of the year”:

The King's Speech recut poster

Rated PG-13

If you haven’t already heard, here’s how we got to this point: after The King’s Speech won a Best Picture Oscar, the Weinstein Company decided to re-release the film to theaters, recut to receive a PG-13 rating from the MPAA. The “family-friendly” version. It’s not a huge change; basically Colin Firth says “shit” instead of “fuck.” There are a few reasons, though, why it’s significant: Continue reading

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