Dear Final Cut Pro, I'm thinking about breaking up with you.

I just filled out the Final Cut Pro feedback form. This is the letter I sent:

Final Cut Pro X

Dear Final Cut Pro,

I was in love with you. But… you’ve changed. Sure, you just got that really sweet makeover, and since you started working out you’ve been in really great shape. You’ve got an awesome new color corrector. Those are great things. But what about my needs? I know you think your scopes look best when they’re just to the left of the viewer, but sometimes I need to see the scopes at the same time that I’m looking at the footage full-screen on my second monitor. I love your waveforms, but I also love your vectorscope. Can’t I see them both at the same time? Customization is important to me—you knew that from the very beginning of our relationship.

Ever since the change, you just haven’t been yourself. You used to be all about timecode, but it seems like you barely even think about it anymore. And you’ve been really jealous lately. I know it makes you feel insecure, but sometimes I need to send a timeline to After Effects or export an OMF to Pro Tools. I love you, baby, but you’re being really possessive.

We never go out anymore. You used to pipe video out to my broadcast monitor all the time, remember that? That was one of our favorite things to do. You used to be really friendly with Mackie control surfaces, but now you don’t even talk to them.

It’s not your sleek new interface that bothers me. You’re just as user-friendly as you’ve always been, maybe even more so. It’s just… I know guys say this all the time, but I really mean it: you were way hotter back before your makeover, when you weren’t so wrapped up in appearances, and you were more concerned about doing what you did better than anyone else in the whole world. That’s why I fell in love with you, so many years ago. I used to look into your eyes and feel like with you by my side, anything I could imagine was possible. Now… I hate to say it, but you’ve gotten kind of vain.

It really hurts me to say this, but I think I should see other programs. In fact, I have a date with Premiere Pro this weekend. I understand if you’re angry, but this is just something I have to do for myself.

I can’t bring myself to believe this is the end. I’ve loved you so much, for so long. I just hope you can get your personal problems worked out, because until you do… I guess this is goodbye.


Love always,

WARNING: Do not buy Final Cut Pro X

If you are a serious editor and care about working on existing projects, you’re out of luck. Final Cut X cannot open .fcp files, nor can it ingest or export XML. A full review will be forthcoming, but that is my recommendation for now.

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