Articulate City art party at the Lyric!

Hello, all. I’m in our nation’s capital (I’ll give you a hint: it’s not Des Moines), but really what I’m posting about is an event going on at the Lyric Cinema Café (300 E. Mountain Avenue) next week, Sunday the 20th and Monday the 21st:

Articulate City has organized a cinema celebration including a screening of The Princess Bride (which I have never seen), and has extended it to two days due to popular demand. Yours truly will be attending the Monday evening showing as the token filmmaker, and I’ll be handing out free DVDs including a bunch of short films (including several new ones which have never before been publicly available). Unfortunately, since I’ll be in DC, I won’t be at the Sunday event.

I should point out to all you losers who don’t yet have tickets that the Monday evening event is all sold out and so you won’t be able to see my shining (glowing… radioactive…) face or get a free DVD. Sucks for you. But if you act now you can still get into the Sunday event, talk about movies with interesting people, and watch what (hear tell) is a fantastic film, projected from a real 35mm print rather than a lousy little DVD.

Act now, as tickets are going fast! As an added bonus, this is apparently a “bring a friend for free” sort of deal. Sweet! Check for more details.

4 thoughts on “Articulate City art party at the Lyric!

  1. And on a completely unrelated topic, I’ll be getting my new Mactop (Macbook) computer soon. This means I’ll be able to make movies, without the pain and hassel and agonizingly ineptitude of Windows Movie Maker. So keep an eye open for the upcomming Henceforth Films: Teh Cld Wr, and Experiment 3. Who knows? Maybe we’ll digitally remaster some of our old favorites! It’s a win-win deal! Buy now, and we’ll destroy the moon for free!

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