BIG NEWS: Terminal Philosophy music deal

Ladies and gentlemen, I am thrilled, proud, and a little bit stunned to announce that Exploding Goldfish’s upcoming film Terminal Philosophy: The Somber Tale of Leonard Noblac will feature the music of the uniquely talented singer/songwriter Dan Goldman. Music featured will include tracks from his album Through a Revolution, including “The Pacific Sun,” “Swamp Frogs and Cardiograms,” and the album’s title track, which sports lyrics eerily befitting of Leo’s predicament (not to give anything away…).

I have to credit Parker for discovering Dan’s music. On his most recent tour he came through Fort Collins and Parker went to see him (I, being incredibly hip to the local music scene, had no idea this was going on and wasn’t invited). Parker was impressed and picked up a copy of the album. A few weeks later, while we were just starting to cut the very beginnings of the film, we were searching for a track to cut the opening scene of the film to (in which Leo walks to work while terrible things happen around him). We had been cutting to a very intense, moody temp track that we wouldn’t have been able to obtain rights to, but we like to experiment and keep our options open, so we were trying a few different songs to see if anything else worked better. Parker originally suggested the track “Swamp Frogs and Cardiograms” for the beginning of the heaven scenes. That track seemed to fit so perfectly with the mood of the scene that we started exploring the CD and discovered the versatility of the music. We plopped “The Pacific Sun” underneath the opening scene and the whole tone suddenly became ironic and darkly humorous, much more so than “playing it straight” with the darker, more brooding temp track we’d been using. Soon we were finding places everywhere in the movie that would work wonders with these tracks.

You can find out more about Dan Goldman at (that’s right, he’s Canadian), where you can also listen to a few samples of his work. You can buy his album (you all should) by e-mailing him directly, or with a credit card here.

Also, you can see the new Terminal Philosophy teaser trailer here in two resolutions: HD 720p (55 MB) | iPod 640×360 (15MB)

Finally, I just want to say that it is an unending honor to be allowed to work with a musician I so respect, and a joy to share with the audience of this film some of my favorite music.

2 thoughts on “BIG NEWS: Terminal Philosophy music deal

  1. Ah, I just confused which song goes where. Parker, the spoiler boy, had shown me the walk to work sequence to a particular song, later telling me about the fairly successful deal.
    I didn’t know more then one song was to be used, though I am pleased to hear it.
    As for other audio, when might such things be recorded? Are there a lot of scenes needing audio recording yet? Lastly, what of the Modern Social Darwanist recording?

  2. We’ll be getting some ADR over Thanksgiving if we can fit it in, and the rest in mid-December. We’ll probably record the music in December as well. First things first: we need to shoot the Reaper scene and any other pickups.

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