Diary of a Mad Filmmaker: First Birthday

One year ago today, the world first trembled before the might of the Diary of a Mad Filmmaker vodcast. It was a heady time, flush with possibility and the hope that “vodcast” would someday become a real word. This was a time before “vlogs,” and Snakes on a Plane was nothing more than a distant possibility.

Today, this vodcast turns one. A lot has happened in one year. Against all odds, Wholesale Souls, Inc. was finished and Exploding Goldfish Films, now based in both Fort Collins, Colorado and Minneapolis, Minnesota, has moved on to other projects. Again defying all odds, we shot an entire film in one month, in high definition, no less. And we continue to move up in the world. Today I will finally announce that “big news” I’ve been sitting on for weeks and weeks. But first, I want to take a little look back, in hopes that I can answer the question: how long can this meteoric rise last? How high will we reach before our success ultimately peaks and we are inevitably flung earthward at tremendous speed? But more importantly, what kind of a phrase is “meteoric rise?” Don’t meteors generally fall? I ask you, when is the last time you saw a meteor rise? The only reason I can think of why a meteor would possibly rise would be if it was shot out of a cannon. These questions and more will be answered.

Thanks for watching, and here’s to another good year.

You can find a high(er)-definition version of today’s installment (640×480; iPod compatible) here (46 MB).

9 thoughts on “Diary of a Mad Filmmaker: First Birthday

  1. Happy Happy Birthday, to this your special day. Happy Happy B irthday, that’s what we’re here to say. Happy Happy Birthday, may all you dreams come true oooooooo! Happy Happy Birthday From the Dunn morning show to you! Hey!

    I’ll be attempting to write a film noir script very soon.

  2. Very nice teaser. Finally, something to distribute! Perhaps I could get working on a Terminal Philosophy Wiki now. Was that a clip where Sean was not whistling Modern Social Darwinist? Not that it really matters.

    As for meteoric rise, I think it refers to its appearance in the sky as seen from Earth. It would appear in our veiw of the sky at one point and gradually streak across. At some point, it would reach a “peak” of sorts before it would begin travelling more downward and away. At least, that is the best I can come up with.

    Parker had told me of the music before, adorable spoiler that he is. The “price” for the music seemed odd. Percents and album perchases. Is this still the plan and it is not too harmful? I do love the song and think it will work great with the beginning of the movie.

  3. Paul, to answer your questions: I have no idea what Sean was whistling, but it’s not melodic enough to violate any copyrights so it works for me.

    Yes, the plan ever since we’ve been working it out is to buy a set number of his albums and then give him a percentage of net profits per song, which is perhaps the best possible way to make this deal work. Usually I’d get stuck with some outlandish per-song, per-use fee (Disney usually charges about $100,000 per instance of one of their songs in a film).

    And this isn’t the song at the head of the film. I could tell you more, but, keeping with the spirit of cloak-and-dagger secrecy going around here at the moment, then I’d have to murder you and throw you into the East River. And that’s a problem because it’s so far away.

    QUESTION: What is the best way to travel with a corpse without drawing suspicion? Discuss.

  4. It was Modern Major General. That I was whistling, I mean.

    As for corpse transport: wasn’t there a documentary about that? I think it was called Weekend at Bernie’s.

    P.S. “Weekend at Bernie’s” should be italicized, but I don’t know how to do that. So you get what you see.

  5. P.S. (Post-Sean): Helpful guy that I am, I went back and italicized that title for you.

    No need to thank me, just doin’ my job.

    That’s what admins are for, dontcha know.

    Honestly, would it really be THAT much trouble to bake a cake for me every once in a while? Huh?

  6. Well, no. That also answers you’re question. Bake a cake with a corpse in it. No one ever checks inside cakes! Thats how I smuggle snakes into the most peculiar of places! Next week I think I’m going to put them on the Boston Subway. Hilarious!

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