Exploding Shorts Rock Boulder!

Teamed up with Vincent Gagnepain of Henceforth Productions, the Fort Collins division of Exploding Goldfish Films, Exploding Shorts, participated in The Boulder Shoot-Out this past weekend along with Sean Cummings, Aubrie Hendryx and Ethan Holbrook. Together we wrote, filmed, directed, acted in, and produced a roughly seven minute movie in twenty four hours. That may not sound like much, but… well… it is.

Not only was this insane time limit imposed on the groups, but the teams were also restricted to editing only on camera. This means no computers, no pretty time-lines and that everything must be SHOT IN ORDER. You can’t shoot scenes or cuts out of sequence and if you want to redo a shot, you have to rewind to the precise point at which you stop recording previously, and then do it again. Oh, and there were mandatory locations and props. You had to use five out of eleven of these, which may have been easy is there had been more than one prop and if the locations weren’t all 10 blocks away from where we were at any given time. It was hard, but it was oh so fun!

The film that we did was tentatively titled, “Selfless Self-Indulgance”, and concerned two characters, Ben and Amy. The two friends are discussing altruism when Ben makes the claim that no one can be truly altruistic, and bets that Amy couldn’t be truly altruistic at all for half a day. Amy points out that the very fact that he made the bet makes anything altuistic they do that day selfish, but he does it anyway and Amy decides to have no part in it. Thus Ben begins doing selfless things for selfish reasons and Amy won’t do anything selfless so as to not be selfish. For the rest you’ll have to watch the film at 4:40 at the Boulder Public Library next Saturday, or online sometime soon.

UPDATE: Well, Michael Conti (Executive Producer and Director of The Shoot Out)called me last night to personally inform me and my team that we won the Best of 17 and Under age group. Our film will be on the Top Ten DVD and will probably be available for purchase at the Shoot Out main page. Who knows what the prize is, but we’re getting it on Saturday so come on down! :D

5 thoughts on “Exploding Shorts Rock Boulder!

  1. Congratulations on the win! I tell you, Exploding Goldfish is moving up in the world! I wish I could have been there to help out. Have fun at the showing, schmooze, and be sure to plug Terminal Philosophy and this site. Maybe even print up some slips or cards with the address on them. It can’t hurt to self-promote.


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