Exploding Shorts: Rum and Pancakes!

Sorry I’m a day late. To apologize, here is the most expensive film in the history of Exploding Shorts: Rum and Pancakes!

Rum and Pancakes

In other news, Parker and Ethan and I broke my old record of three films in one day this weekend when we shot TEN FILMS, on a way nicer camera than we have any right to use. More on that later.

Finally: it was Ethan’s birthday yesterday, and it’s Ruth’s birthday today! I have nothing pertinent to add to that statement! HOORAY!

14 thoughts on “Exploding Shorts: Rum and Pancakes!


    Oh, and hey, who’s that totally lame guy in rum and pancakes who smokes cigarettes? I would like to have sex with that man.

  2. Yes. Very good. I enjoyed it, although there was continuity error when the syruplosion didn’t appear on the freezer door in subsequent shots, and yes people do notice it when they’re not looking for continuity errors. Also, is that the same outfit you wore in the Scary Key Ethan? Anyhoo, I know Parker’s poor and lame and in Minnesota for you guys’ Spring Break, but what about you two Ethan and Andrew? And what happened to that unspoken pact between all three of you where you’d never work together again? Anyhoo, I have to go to the post office.

  3. Oh, and no, that’s not the same outfit. And I think we all independently decided to be nicer to each other, so working together is working out fine so far. And no, I’m not coming to Fort Collins for spring break :( I am going to Chicago, though. And you can come if you want! :( Loooove you.

  4. Woah. This is a bit….. scintillating.

    Happy birthday to those it applies to! If you drive up to Casper, I’ll gladly give you a firm birthday handshake and/or hug (expires 3/31/12. One hug/handshake per applicant)

  5. And Greg, I believe the word you’re looking for is titillating. As in: “The shopkeeper’s story was very titillating” or “Please, Mother, stop saying the word ‘titillating.'”

  6. Oh no. I meant scintillating. Titillating too, actually. OH SO TITILLATING.

    And Vvinni, I don’t think you’re a cheapskate; you’re just a filthy hobo with nowhere to sleep.

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