Free to good home: un-destroyed stunt chair

Free to good home: one garish, retro chair (safely seats one)

un-destroyed stunt chair

This chair was purchased with the intent of smashing it to bits on camera for a scene in Wholesale Souls, Inc., but was never destroyed (although its twin was):

destroyed chair

The scene was later cut from the film, but I believe a clip is viewable on the DVD.

The chair is padded but uncomfortable for long stretches of editing (and I should know); it appears to be upholstered with alternating strips of eye-hurtey orange and mustard yellow dryer lint. The frame is solid oak and VERY sturdy (this is why we only smashed one of the two chairs).

Own a piece of cinema history! Local pickup only.

2 thoughts on “Free to good home: un-destroyed stunt chair

  1. No! Well it to VBay! Meaning me! OR rather, give it to me! I’ll be in college, I could use furniture, right? If not, maybe we could use it to team up with a har-broiled cop in an upcomming movie “This Seat’s on me”!

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