How A Film Becomes Law Part 2: Production

How a Film Becomes Law

We closed last time on How A Film Becomes Law on a group of three film students, trying to find a premise for a short film. We open this time on a group of two film students who do not yet know that they are a group of two, and still have no ideas.

We met on Wednesday evening to pitch a few ideas. I didn’t really have any, so I was hoping somebody else would have a good one. Turns out Matt didn’t really have any ideas either, and our third group member never showed up (we found out the next day that she had dropped the class—not too big a deal, except that she was the only one with a car).

So we bandied about our half-baked ideas for a while, then got down to the dirty business of picking the idea we despised the least and getting ourselves excited about it.

We decided the story would focus around an ordinary guy placed in an extraordinary situation (see as examples every other silent short student film ever made). He finds a strange key in his sink, which does not open any lock. Then, one day, his keys do not open his door. He tries the strange key, which works. A pan-dimensional being (ibid) is waiting for him inside. He returns the key to this being, after which the status quo is restored (ibid, et al.).

To make this stupid little cliché more interesting we decided to put in a lot of rack focusing and other fancy camera and lighting work. I drew up some gorgeous storyboards:

Scary Key boards 01Scary Key boards 02Scary Key boards 03Scary Key boards 04Scary Key boards 05Scary Key boards 06Scary Key boards 07

…and it was time to shoot.

Oh, and one more thing: screw that whole ‘edit in-camera’ thing. We’re just not gonna do it. There just ain’t no way.

Next week: Shooting! And then the following week you get to see it! Because guess what time of year it is?


That’s right, March 2008 is the second annual Exploding Shorts month, during which at least two new short films will be posted to every week for free viewing! And other festivities! And cake!

…ok, so I made up the thing about cake. But everything else is true.

2 thoughts on “How A Film Becomes Law Part 2: Production

  1. And Bacon?

    Oh, by the way, this post is riddled with gramatical and spelling errors to the point of incomprehensibility. I’m not sure if I even understand the concept for the short.
    This being said, as an avid misspeller and grammitcal errorist, I must applaud you. This far beyond anything I have done. Congratulations. Oh, and with any luck Teh Cld Wr will be edited this month, want to put it on Exploding Shorts?

  2. Sorry about that. Corrected the worst of it. It’s still pretty sub-par, but so is the rest of the blog. This one post is just Another Blip On The Radar Of Shit.

    And yes, I’d love to have Teh Cld Wr go up next month.

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