I am in Colorado! For the summer! My nose itches!

Ahh, there. I scratched it. What a relief that was.

Anyway, to the point: I (Andrew) am in Fort Collins (Colorado) for the summer (May-August). Anyone who is surprised by this shocking development in the properties of my geolocation should listen very carefully to the following instructions:

  1. Pick up your phone.
  2. Dial my phone number.
  3. When I answer, scream loudly, then cry, then hang up.
  4. Repeat.

I could use a little entertainment.

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6 thoughts on “I am in Colorado! For the summer! My nose itches!

  1. I’ll be in Colorado this Saturday! Then this Sunday! Then most of Monday! Then I’ll be in Nepal for about a month.

    I bet my nose will be itching soon. I can taste it.

  2. I moved to Colorado and my nose ITCHES too!! That made me laugh because I have been going nuts here with my allergies. Just needed to say thanks for the laugh.

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