Newspaper Coverage!…Yay?

On Wednesday, the first issue of Poudre High School’s newspaper, the Silver Quill, was released to perhaps a half-dozen screaming fans. If you were there, you probably noticed a movie review under the Virtuosity column.

The movie reviewed was Terminal Philosophy.

Never mind that the film isn’t finished. I’m also sure we can completely disregard the mention of nearly all the cast members who currently attend Poudre (Although Mikhail Twarogowski has already sworn that he will physically remove his name from every issue of the Quill he can get his hands on), or that in the title of the article Philosophy is called a ‘student film’. Nor should we be disturbed that nearly the entire plot is divulged in less than a paragraph (judging by the script, the film at least had the illusion of depth).

So the grand unveiling of Terminal Philosophy comes several months before its completion. It must be a good thing. Now we’ve gained an audience without producing a single frame of film, and we’ve culled the audience down to the manageable minority who aren’t put off by the explicit mention of Satan as an appearing character.

My thanks to the Silver Quill, for publishing the article; Ethan Holbrook, who wrote the thing; and to all the people who skipped over the Virtuosity page in favor of the feature: “In the Crossfire: ‘9/11: How Soon Is Too Soon?'”

17 thoughts on “Newspaper Coverage!…Yay?

  1. Welcome, Evan, to a utopian world where everyone is courteous to everyone else and all the links are rendered in tasteful pastel blue.

    What the hell does this Ethan character think he’s doing? I’LL review my OWN movies before they’re finished, thank you very much!

  2. Parker said he talked to you (Andrew) and said you were okay with it.
    Personally, it really bothered me. Moreover, the article was just a terrible article. It made the movie sound like just some shit some kids with lofty goals might to. Sure, that is some of this movie, but I am thoroughly convinced of the quality and potential of this one. I like Wholesale, but I think this will outshine it by a lot. Mostly more actors and better equipment…but that is a DAMN hilarious song and dance number.
    Anyway…at the very least I hope to demand an apology from the Silver Quill, a public, published one, to teach them humility, if nothing more. I think this is bad publicity, particularly since it won’t be finished for a good while yet. We haven’t even signed releases for the movie yet…at least they didn’t try and use my name, I know Mikhail is very bothered.

  3. I’m going to eat them, and get my power back.
    I really don’t give two shits about the article. I want to light the publication on fire at my graduation pyre, and I’d rather not do it with my name in it. More importantly I can get my name so the Quill has no power over me. I’ve read the Bible, I know what happens. I’ve already eaten the first one I found.
    Mikhail: 1, Quill: 0

  4. I haven’t read the Bible, but good job anyway.

    When you say “eaten”… do you mean the whole issue, or just your name? Either way, it’s impressive.

    Hope you don’t get sick and die (love and kisses),

  5. Sorry if I offended anybody, it was really only about 25 % my article. It had to be cut down, and then go through Mrs. Berriann. If she doesn’t like something, she will cut it out. If she doesn’t like a particular metaphor or simile used, she changes it to something she likes, even if it doesn’t make sense. She makes all these changes the night before it’s printed, behind the staff’s backs. There wasn’t much I could do about it. I feel it wasn’t entirely my fault that the article went from okay-ish to terrible.

    Apologies all ’round.


  6. Who is David?
    Also, don’t you fuckers make posts with my name. That is bullshit and I am pretty pissed. If you want me to apologize (though I am not clear on what) then ask me to dammit! What did I lie about? Please clarify if you are going to make such accusations!

  7. The two minute follow up to my “post” was suspicious. Particularly since I think it was refering to the post that was just made. I might tolerate that from Andrew, but not from someone I don’t know and who won’t answer for it.

  8. It is Ethan, and it was an apology/explaination for the article. While the name may have been a bad decision, I was rather pleased and thankful for the apology…I would still like something in the Silver Quill, but that isn’t important.

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