Progress… TO THE FUTURE!

So, we’ve done much. If you’ve seen the vodcast, you will know both that and that I am very ponderous when on camera. We have shot, as of now, approx. 11% of the movie. We’ve shot a disgusting man riding a tricycle, people dying, Satan, and a little more. Exciting.

MORE exciting however, is this Thursday, when we will be shooting Purgatory at the Ever Open Cafe (thank you Gale). Come to that, please! Slightly less exciting than Purgatory, but still quite exciting, we will be shooting Heaven next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday! Woo! Once all of this is done, we will be more than halfway finished. Hazaa!

If Eric is reading this, could you please email me at, I’ve already sent you an email so I suppose you could just respond to that. I’ll call too.

For the rest of you! Here’s this.


2 thoughts on “Progress… TO THE FUTURE!

  1. Parker, you’re ponderous in person, too. And I mean that in the kindest, most non-abrasive way. And thanks for the credit fo rhte Ever Open!

    P.S. The vod cast was great!

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