The story so far (practice shoot)

Alright, when we make things like this they usually don’t wind up available for public viewing, but… why not, just this once?

Yesterday we had a crew production workshop, in order to give our production crew an idea of what sorts of things they’ll be needing to do on set during production. One of the things we did during that gathering was shoot a little practice scene.

And now you can watch that scene. Please go easy. We had no script and only got coverage from three angles. Still, I think you’ll agree that the technical side of the production is rather nice.

8 thoughts on “The story so far (practice shoot)

  1. You’re right. I WAS in that movie! I don’t remember signing a release contract, in fact…I could sue you right now for improperly using my image. Andrew, I’ll see you in court, only not the city court, we’re going to my court, where the winner is the one with the most ice cream! How many gallons do you have? I have one. Your life depends upon it, you wouldn’t want to know what happens in Licorice jail.

  2. Ha! One AND A HALF gallons! I win!

    Minor point of contention: we didn’t actually use your image per se, since we never see your face. And you can’t prove for a fact that it’s really you under that pillow case.

    In fact, I’m counter-suing you for falsely impersonating a faceless entity! And this time it’s in MY court!

    Quick! How many bananas are in your house? I have one.

  3. But, Andrew I can sue you!!!! And we’re going to my court, where the loser is the one with the most films under his belt. I have none, how about you?

    P.S. ~ I like it.

  4. Oh, sorry, no can do. My court doesn’t have an extradition treaty with your court. And for failing to go through the proper diplomatic channels I’m afraid I’m going to have to confiscate both your kidneys and half your liver.

    Come on, pay up.

  5. This is a rough estimate, but I’m fairly certain…six. Ha! I win that one! So…I guess we’re even. Either that or we need to go into a neutral thrid parties court to discern which of us owes the other money.

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