"This American Life" podcast!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, everything seems to be going my way. I just took a break from editing the Diary of a Mad Filmmaker birthday festivities in which I finally announce that “big news” I’ve been holding back, and found out that this is the day I have been waiting for since iTunes began supporting podcasts a year ago: the fantastic radio show This American Life JUST STARTED PODCASTING.

In my opinion, TAL is the best show on radio today, but unfortunately I have never really internalized local radio schedules, even less so now that I’m in Minnesota, so I am constantly missing this fantastic program. But now I can have it delivered right to my computer every week! I can tell that I’m not alone in being excited about this, because even though as of this evening their feed contains only a fifteen-second test clip promising a new show on Monday, it is already the most popular podcast on iTunes.

You can find out more about This American Life at thisamericanlife.org, and you can subscribe to their podcast through the iTunes podcast directory or here.

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