Vodcast delayed

Sorry, I know I said I was going to post it tonight but the editing was delayed just now by a Final Cut crash and it’s too late to start over again. Got all the footage, I’ll edit it tomorrow, and it’s a good ‘un. Expect it tomorrow evening.

Muchful apologies,

9 thoughts on “Vodcast delayed

  1. [Evan broke his restriction to using only consonants for a week. I thought I’d help by just disemvoweling him. -Andrew]

    Snc th rst f yr frnds rfs t nct lttl tn n yr trd dtng bns, spps ‘ll hv t d t: Ths prcrstntn s nccptbl, ndrw! f y cn’t xpct t mtvt yrslf t d smthng n n rdrly nd prmpt mnnr, y’ll nly dsppnt yrslf nd vryn ls rnd y. Th wrld dsn’t rvlv rnd xcss, thr. dn’t gv flppng frck f Fnl Ct Pr s th ndstry stndrd, n f th fw bsltly ncssry tms n flm prdctn fr Mc, nd th wnnr f svrl prstgs dsgn wrds, f t’s bggng, t’s flwd, nd y bttr gddmn cd smthng bttr t wrk wth.
    ‘m srry t gv t t y strght, bt y’r jst gng t hv t fc yr wn flws nd dft thm by rnnng thm thrgh wth shrpnd styls.

    Yr TR frnd, vn.

    [And Evan, if you step out of line again, I’ll have to do something more drastic. Have an absolutely super day tomorrow, kiss kiss.]

  2. I don’t approve of your shameless editing of Evan’s posts. He told me he hadn’t seen the ig-pay atin-lay directive until it was already over, so he felt your punishment was undeserved. I personally agree with him, so could you just lift the ban? It’s not like his posts are any more worthless than the ones everyone else writes.

    Fight the Power! [kiss kiss.]

  3. m nw n prtst f ths s wll, hwvr hv gn n stp frthr thn Dvd by als nt sng vwls. gnrnc s n xcs, bt ds tht mn tha gnrnc s stll blss? dn’t knw.

  4. Evan asked me to repost his shamelessly edited message to you, Andrew.

    ‘Since the rest of your friends refuse to incite a little action in your tired editing bones, I suppose I‘ll have to do it: This procrastination is unacceptable, Andrew! If you can’t expect to motivate yourself to do something in an orderly and prompt manner, you’ll only disappoint yourself and evryone else around you. The world doesn’t revolve around excuses, either. I don’t give a flipping frick if Final Cut Pro is the industry standard, one of the few absolutely necessary items in film production for Mac, and the winner of several pristigious design awards, if it’s bugging, it’s flawed, and you better goddamn code spmething better to work with.
    I‘m sorry to give it to you straight, but you’re just going to have to face your own flaws and smite them by running them through with a sharpened stylus.

    Your TRUE friend, Evan.

    Also, Evan wanted to point out you dropped a consonant, too: a C in ‘action’. Bad form, Andrew, bad form.

  5. As the regional director of Exploding Goldfish films for Colorado, I hereby renounce Andrew for his blatant misuse of the editing feature for posts.

    Unfortunately, since he’s out of town, we’ll just have to sit on our hands until he comes home for Thanksgiving to formally strip him of his superpowers.

    You’ll also have to sit on your hands on your keyboards, because in order to liven up our posts (sitting and laughing at Evan trying to communicate is getting just a bit old), I’m declaring OPEN SEASON for editing each other’s posts, impersonating each other and leaving large video files of cats sleeping on the website.

    Go at it, Gentlemen!

  6. Guys, Evan can use vowels any time he damn well pleases. All he had to do was ask nicely.

    Sorry to do this, but you really don’t seem to be getting the message. This blog is supposed to be fun, but more importantly I’m paying for this website and all the perks that go along with it so that I can get reasonable feedback on my work. As such, comment spoofing is a no-no. Please use your real names or a consistent screen name when you comment. NEVER spoof anyone else. We’ve already seen what confusion that causes and if it ruins the whole feedback system (the reason I spent so much time setting up a blog in the first place) then there’s no reason for this site to even exist.

    To enforce this rule (and make sure that no more post editing goes on), I have demoted Parker from his admin position, and am requiring that all comments be posted by registered users. I’m sorry to do this to people who don’t currently have accounts and I know the last thing you need is another username and password, but the registration process really is quick and painless: just click here.

    I really don’t want to force out any non-registered users, particularly newcomers referred from my vodcast or other links. Frankly, although I appreciate your continued feedback, I prefer to get new perspectives. And with spoofing and inside jokes plaguing the comment threads I can’t see any reason why anyone would want to comment on this blog. I’ll check back in a week and if it looks like we can all play nice again I’ll remove this restriction.

    I have enough things eating up my time as it is. I don’t have the energy to referee all the silly squabbles to go on here. I really like 2-way communication, but there is such a thing as a dialogue without communication. You’ll see examples in past threads. If you want to play trolls, go to any political forum. If you have a real problem, come to me.

  7. [Paul’s comment deleted]

    Temper, temper, Paul. This is exactly what I meant about being a troll. Let me know which comments you want deleted and I’ll get rid of them. In the meantime, commenting on this thread has been locked.

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