Who wants a good theater?

Being out of town keeps me somewhat out-of-the-loop as far as news is concerned, but I just caught wind (thanks, Paul) of a new movie theater planned for downtown Fort Collins: the Lyric Cinema Café (the Coloradoan ran a story on them on October 31st which can be read here), which is scheduled to open in 2007 at 300 E. Mountain Avenue, would be an independently-owned and operated 2-screen affair, focusing on the type of films that Cinemark and Carmike tend to shy away from (in other words, all the good stuff). This would also be a possible venue for local filmmakers to show their work.

I just want to add my voice to the apparent throng of people shouting that this is a REALLY GOOD IDEA. The closest thing we had to a theater like this was Campus West, which closed several years ago and has left a gaping hole in the type of films that one can see in Fort Collins. The times I have been frustrated by the absence of a film in town are too numerous to count, and the struggle I encountered in trying to get Wholesale Souls shown publicly in town was even more daunting (and never did pan out… yet).

We’ve seen an explosive growth of interest in independent film in Fort Collins of late, and this theater is the perfect complement to that interest. If something like this doesn’t get built soon, the threat is that lack of content is going to force interest to die down and you’ll be back to watching generic Will Ferrell vehicles at Cinemark on a Friday night. Nobody wants that. Not even Will Ferrell.

In conclusion: Lyric Cinema Café very, very good. Let’s hope this happens soon, and is met by continuing success.

3 thoughts on “Who wants a good theater?

  1. Oh, I am very excited about it and whole-heartedly support you attempting to get Wholesale and Terminal shown there. I think they may be a little thirsty for content, from time to time, and eager to display local (quality) works.

    I think the theater isn’t due to be opened for a while though. Sean mentioned something about year or years…

  2. Wow, that is quite amazing. There is a theater just like that where I am that only shows independent and foreign films (I have watched Little Ms. Sunshine and The Science of Sleep there), And as far as I can tell that place has been around for years. It will be most excellent having one back in Fort Collins

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