Will the real ae1fe5d97f please stand up

I tells ya… spambots just keep getting smarter. I just apparently had one register as a user, which is absurd because it doesn’t make it any easier to spam me.

Luckily, I’m bleeding-edge, yo, so I have all the latest in open-source spam busting technology. I’m proud to say that since this blog went up it’s received about 50 spam comments and I don’t think even ONE have them has gotten through my filters–and no false positives yet, either! (knock on wood)

Anyway, if your name actually IS ae1fe5d97f and you just registered to my blog, please e-mail me or comment on this post or something before re-registering, so I know not to delete your account again. And maybe you should think of getting your name changed so as to avoid any more such unpleasant incidents (I mean, honestly, what kind of parent puts NUMERALS in their kid’s name?)

By the way, I would just like to go on-record as saying that spammers are the scum of the universe. Worse than Stalin and Britney Spears COMBINED.

4 thoughts on “Will the real ae1fe5d97f please stand up

  1. Oh, how quaint. 50 comments blocked. Looking at my stats now, I see that I get approximately 200 spam comments a day, and my filter has blocked over fourteen thousand since the site went online.

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