You Explode Filmmaking: Phase 2

OK, voting has closed on the production concept and WE HAVE A WINNER:

#4: A love story with teeth.

#4 received 5 votes, followed by #2 (A man is paid to tempt an honest person into sin, and then kill them, thus sending them to hell), with 2 votes, and #3 (a contradictory adaptation of a parable). #1 didn’t receive any votes, which sort of surprises me.

The next step is to…

This is your biggest job and I’m not sure how long it’ll take you or even if this will work, but we’ll just play it by ear.

The first thing you need to do is go to and download the free screenwriting program Celtx, a tremendous tool if there ever was one. Make sure you have the latest version (0.9.8) and sign up for a free account.

Once you’ve got Celtx installed, you can click the “download a project” button on the main screen and download the public script called “You Explode Filmmaking.”

Then you can start writing. Don’t worry too much about formatting for now; I can take care of that if you have problems. No, I want your ideas. Start developing plot elements, characters, dialogue. When you’ve got a chunk done, save it and then upload it to the Celtx server so others can download and work on it.

Remember to re-download the project every time you sit down to work on it, and re-upload it every time you change something. Otherwise, unfortunate overwrites ensue.

I encourage you to make lots of script notes and also discuss with your co-writers in the You Explode Filmmaking forum.

At this point, there’s two things I want you to focus on: FIRST, I want you to start playing around with actual scenarios and characters and bits of dialogue. SECOND, I want you to write synopses and pass them around in the forums stealing bits and pieces from each other until you arrive at one you can agree on. A synopsis should basically summarize the characters, their backgrounds, and the events that occur in the film. For a partial (and partially helpful) essay on the ART OF WRITING A SYNOPSIS, go here.

If you’re really dedicated, the same site also has an essay on the structure of the romantic comedy (It is after all a LOVE STORY. Get that part down, and the TEETH will come easily enough), and several other essays that look like they might be helpful, depending on your level of writing experience.

Have fun, start writing, and if you have any questions or want advice you can e-mail me or post in the forum. I’ll be hanging around the forums to leave my comments and provide guidance, and I’ll be back in about a week with more specific tasks (possibly sooner or later, depending on how productive you are).

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